Organizing Events and Activities

Events for displaying products

Stage events

Opening festivals and closing

Cultural, social and health events

Studying and executing the activities location.


Organizing exhibitions, conferences and festivals

Advising and planning all of the event with effectively, according to the studied plan

Providing and arranging the details for the location of the activity, program content, communication channels, technical support, integrated services, social program and preparing a time plan.


Advertising and Artistic Production

Preparing, planning and dealing with all advertising requirements

Preparing a creative corporate identity

Designs and Products ( public, private )

Designing and establishing websites

Special designs for the platforms and suites

Designing and producing the promotional and advertising materials and the video materials

Preparing a guide for exhibitors and participants

Preparing sales forecasts reports

Registration services for the exhibitors and participants

Sketch preparations to distribute spaces, rent and evaluating the area, helping with the services and sponsors

Promoting (Press and Public Relations)

Consulting to get the approvals and permits required in accordance with the regulations as fast as possible

Providing oral and typed reports for the progress

Providing promotional materials ( name tags, conference bags, posters, invitations, name cards, etc )

Managing, operating and marketing of the tickets

Provide suggestions and advice according to a market study in the field of exhibitions, conferences, festivals, workshops, meetings, seminars and other services.


Ceremonies and Social Events Arrangements

Formats and decoration

Complete audio sets

Food and beverage services

Video filming and photography

Themes and special ideas

Special effects and lighting

Ceremony paragraphs (Singers, artists, band)